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Groin Prep for a Cardiac Cath


does anyone have information or a policy specific to the site prep for a cardiac cath? i have always shaved and prepped with the appropriate solutions denoted by that specific lab and waited for the site to air dry (two minutes minimum). is there any contraindication to "fanning" the site as i have seen several nurses to in the past? i have always followed the cdc regulations for the two minute dry time (with acuity of the patient taken into consideration).

is fanning okay? :redbeathe

No. Changing to a faster dry formulation has helped to address this issue in several facilities that I have worked in.

So what you're saying is....It's not okay to fan the site to allow for quicker dry time? Is there any literature to support that? I wasn't able to find anything.

What "quick drying" prep solution do you recommend?

Aseptic technique is the same for an IV site, a groin site, or a "real" operative site. A cath site is considered an operative site. Fanning or blowing is not cool no matter what. You may be able to find this covered in a Fundamentals of Nursing Book for first year students.

I have not kept literature that specifically bans fanning because it is a "given" that this should not occur and allowing the site to air dry has been the standard of care in every facility I have ever worked in. I did find this on the internet that states to let the site air dry per CDC infection control guidelines.


You could also check an AORN standard book regarding site prep as it may have the specific wording you are looking for to show the staff.

There are several companies that have faster drying formulas of betadine and chlorhexadine. Check with your CS manager about which company your's comes from and contact the rep. I've never had any fast dry formula work better than the other. When you are in a time crunch, they all seem to dry too slowly.

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