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Greetings from your Forum Moderator!

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Hello everyone and welcome the the forum for Missouri Nurses!

I will be your moderator from Missouri, so i wanted to introduce myself and welcome you all!

My Name is Brandy, and I am an emergency nurse from Hannibal, Missouri. I graduated in May 2002 from Truman State University (thats in Kirksville, MO) with my BSN.

I have lived in Missouri since Birth with occasional educational vacations to other states (summer classes in Illinois and Kansas).

Welcome to the Missouri Nurse forum, anything that I can do for you just PM me, or email brandybsn@allnurses.com. I will be happy to assist you in any way possible.



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but lived there and for the most part, liked it too...I have lived in KC, Chillicothe, Joplin and St Joe. I am originally from KS though. I like to keep up with MO nurses because I know they are very proactive and progressive in the KC area with unions...I found it an interesting topic when I was a student nurse and had to cross the picket line in a small KS town to go to clinical. I thought it was horrible what those nurses did at the time, but after all these years of experience, I am wondering if they were right...any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks and GO CHIEFS>>>>>>>>>can u say super bowl?


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