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Taking the GRE in July 2017 to apply for FNP program.

Any study tips?

What books did you use?

Any good apps?

How long did you study for?

How did the GRE seem to you? hard? easy? Anything helps!!

Thank you


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I highly recommend buying the ETS GRE Testing material. ETS is the company that makes the exam, so the questions are the most similar. Magoosh is also very helpful. They have a lot of products, test plans, etc (for a fee). I found that Magoosh's flash card word apps for my phone were very helpful to learn the vocabulary. Lastly, I used Barron's online GRE material, which set me back about $200, but was much cheaper than many others. I studied consistently for about 2 months, with some off-and-on before then. Take a few practice tests and find your weaknesses. I thought math would be awful for me, but after a bit of practice, I realized math was fine and it was the reading comprehension I needed to work on. Good luck! The GREs were tough for me, but I ended up exceeding the required scores for my schools, so I was happy.