Grand Canyon University MSN/MBA...too good to be true?


Hey all. I'm pretty sure there might be a topic about this already, but I'm hoping I can get previous students who took the MSN/MBA program at GCU to shed some light on their experience.

I spoke to a counselor and basically all the requirements needed for the program is a valid RN license - no minimum RN experience, no GRE. I can also start as soon as next month if I wanted, and even finish earlier than the anticipated graduation date. I have my BSN and only around 7 months RN experience. I know it's early to look into MSN programs, but the idea of knowing that I can start my MSN now instead of waiting is definitely appealing.

Can anyone who has taken this specific program share their experience? Also, can you share where these degrees have taken you in your career?

Thank you in advance!