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Hey all,

Curious if anyone has experienced what Im going through right now..... I'm a recent Grad (May 2003) and have just passed my boards, thank god! I took a job on a Tele unit working 12hr nights 7P-7A. My co-workers say I am doing fine, I'm off orientation and functioning fine, however,.....There is SOO much to learn. Not that would shy away from that but it is as if im in shut down mode, since graduation the last thing I can do is drag my self to my table, "wonders if you all remember that particular spot you spent hours at studying" to study.Now I am functioning and taking a full load but I am always fearful of getting in a situation were my skills and knowledge are not enough for the situation. I have yet to have one of my patients code but this is an inevitable event.The funny thing is, this fear still isn't enough to encourage me to HIT THE BOOKS. I still have my coronary certification in front of me and then my ACLS but if I cant find my drive then who knows if I will be able to accomplish this. But the worst is the feeling that I don't know enough.Anyways I was wondering if anybody else has gone through this?


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Yes I did. Exact same scenerio as you. I never wanted to see another book after I graduated. It will pass, as will your first code. Take it in small bits. If one of your patients has something going on that really intrests you, look it up. New med, look it up. Ask questions, your co-workers are a wealth of knowledge. Hopefully they will support you. I always found the night shift crews very close knit and my favorite people to deal with in general. Don't be hard on yourself. Small pocket guides are useful too.

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