Graduation Pinning/Ceremony Ideas


hi all!

i am 6 weeks away fromg graduating nursing school, needless to say i am totally freaked out and on top all my anxiety, homework and clinicals, i also got sucked in to planning my classes graduation/pinning ceremony-which will prove to not be an easy task as half of my class members don't even want a ceremony. they are completely negative about the whole situation, which makes my job a lot harder.

i have the basics completed: location, time etc. what i am looking for is some ideas on how to make the ceremony more fun...

i found a thread on here called "you know your in nursing school when.." i asked my classmates to finish that sentence so i could incorporate some humor in to our ceremony, i also have some pictures i can use to put together a brief slide show. we are having buttons made, instead of pins (because the majority of the class thought the pins were "stupid" and didnt want to pay for them) and possibly we will have either t-shirts or sweatshirts made for our graduating class.

does anyone have any suggestions for me? i figured i would post this thread here since most everyone here has graduated and could give me some advice on things that did or did not work.

i appreciate any feedback you all might be able to give me!!

thank you!! =)