Graduating in May as an RN in NY...moving to GA in August


I tried looking for an answer to this, but haven't found one on here. If I did miss it, I apologize in advance...

Here's my question:

I am graduating from a SUNY school in NY with my RN in May. I am applying for NY licensure and to also take the NCLEX.

After doing all this, my husband accepted a job in Atlanta that requires us to move there in August. I'm hoping my day to take the NCLEX is before then!

What do I do as far as licensure? Should I apply NOW for a GA license? Do I need to have a current GA address? I will be calling the GA board of nursing on Monday. But wanted to see if anyone had any help/advice!

Thanks! :)


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Get your license in NY them immediately apply to GA and put "new grad" on the GA application. I know someone who did this exact thing a few months ago and her GA license came within a week. She only had to go to the police station in NY and be fingerprinted for a background check....said it was easy!

You don't have to have a GA address.

I would still check with the GA BON just in case things have changed though.

Good Luck!!


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Thanks so much for your help! I will be calling them today or tomorrow and I will post if there is anything different!