Graduated December 2008 and still looking...Any advice?


I graduated nursing in December 2008 (got my associates) and got my license in Feb 2009. And I still have not been able to find a job! I am desperately looking for help, if anyone can suggest anything it would be wonderful! There's times I just feel like crying from the stress of it all! I loved nursing, when I did my clinicals (except for normal annoyances that come with school) those were my best times. And I know it's what I want to do...

I've looked everywhere! You name it I've looked there- nursing homes, home health care, hospice, hospitals, schools, doctor offices, and everywhere else in between. But they all say they want experienced nurses. Even after I explained that they could mold me the way they want me! I've even tried to apply for LPN jobs, just to get in somewhere, but that hasn't worked yet.

I don't have the money to move out of town or even out of state (I live in Arizona), which sadly limits the possibility of looking into other states right now.

Concentric- a staffing agency- has hired me but they keep saying that they have nothing for me. And plus the fact that I have no experience as a nurse- except for what clinicals gave me- has me worried. Can I do a good job with this place? Or is this the wrong path too? I mean I'll take whatever they give me, but I also want to make sure I'm safe for me and for the patients I'm around. I'm not quitting there, and I'll gladly try whatever they call me for. But, at the same time I'm looking for someplace better. Keeping my eyes open.

But I was just hoping that maybe someone knew of some idea that I could try that I haven't yet. I've just recently tried all the hospitals and am being told it may be about summer that they can open new grad positions again.

Also does it really help to get into the hospital as something totally different (like in the kitchen or phones) and then go through internal hiring to be a nurse? Will that give me a better chance? I've tried a couple times to get into hospitals in different fields and nothing has come yet, but I may try some more if you think it would up my chances.

Thank you!


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Hello-I can write your note myself!

Except I graduated in December 2007!!!!

I am severely stuck and my license is about to expire.

Please Hiring Manager, throw me a bone or a life jacket :(:banghead: