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Graduate Unable to find a Job

by CarolLPN CarolLPN (New) New

Basically I am seeking support and advice. I graduated in March 2011, passed the NCLEX and became a LPN in May 2011. Shortly after that my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in just a couple of months. It was a very stressful year...to say the least. I have been job searching since September 2011 and either get no reply or a no thank you. I am a career changer and 52 years old. I have been working at a non-profit for the last 17 years as an Executive Director. I have always wanted to be a nurse and was only able to go back to school after my disabled child was in a stable situation. I was his advocate and caregiver for a long time. I am getting discouraged, it has been almost a year since I got my license. Any words of wisdom or support would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, so sorry for your recent loss and congratulations on your child moving to a stable environment. Here are a few suggestions that may or may not be helpful. Considering your background as a parent to what I am assuming is a substantially challenged child, consider looking at local group homes for severely physically or mentally challenged persons. You are uniquely suited to this kind of nursing because of your life history. How about that non-profit you worked for, do they have need of a nurse? Apply to doctors offices and clinics. Hospitals are less likely to hire new/inexperienced graduates. This is not because you are not needed and valuable, with the economy the way it is, hospitals would rather higher a previously retired older nurse with experience then take the time and money to train you. Again the economy not you. Check with the college you attended to see if they need any tutors. Sure, not a clinical job but still a source of income and a chance to stay sharp. Consider your local job industry, do they have an employee health nurse position? Contact the hospital where you attended clinicals to see if they have any CNA openings. Yes you are over qualified and that is not what you went to school for but it would be a foot in the door and hospital like to hire from within. If you can get your foot in the door you are halfway there. Last but not least look at your resume have you tailored it to the jobs you are applying for. Have you listed the skills you have fully? Think of the care you provided to your child, have you put them into your resume? If you provided semi-skilled care to your child for 18+ years that is worth listing. See if the college you attended helps with resume building for alumnus or even job searches.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you so much for all the info. I appreciate your taking the time to respond!