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this week I helped my fried drive to Chicago to start his PA program. he arrived in his "dorm" only one day before the adventure was to begin. I was thinking " dang if this were me. first of all I would be so excited I would have been here a month ago scoping out the place, getting my books, maybe a perdiem job" which brings me to my question.

Nilepoc (craig) why don't you move out there now? heaven knows you've done your duty there in NM.

btw I understand exactly what you are saying about practicing atonumously and like a CRNA already. on Monday the doc told me to just do what ever to meed the prameteres and he would sign the orders in the AM. lol...

Its kinda funny when your walking around with one pocket full of vec another full fentnyl. mayabe some propofol ect. everyone once in a while I'll go wait a second. I am doing it.... kinda. gotta go. we got a bunch of motorcylce crazed people out here.


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