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1993 graduate from the Philippines, Ran Out Of Time , PASSED the nclex RN.

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Hi everyone, i just want to share to you guys my journey for passing the nclex rn. I just want other nurses to encourage not to give up on their dreams to be a Registered nurse.Here's my story:

I graduated in the Philippines year 1993.thats a long time ago huh?,but dont judge too soon. Before i came here to the United States, I worked in Milan Italy for 10 yrs as an RN, so my mind is still fresh regarding nursing trend, to make the story short , sat for the exam on 8/17/17 thursday @ 8 am in california.

I was praying that the computer will stop on 75 question but it didnt happened, when the optional break pop up, i took my break, i just go to the bathroom and drink my water, then i continued on the test, after an hour and half the break option pop up again, so i took a break again, it was 11:30 am, i ate my crackers(skyflakes), and get back in.

the questions are only focusing on prioritization, SATA, and drag and drop, i thought to myself , its getting harder and harder, so i said this is it, these questions telling me that i am doing good, but when i look at the timer there was only 1 hr left and im only on 160 items, .

I tried to relax and comfort my mind, I took it more seriously and more slowly, because my mind keep not comprehending what i was reading., I know in this moment that i am above the passing level, so i have to maintain where i am.

then it came the last 4 minutes.I know that i cannot make it to the end, so i decided to concentrate on every questions, and answer it only if im sure of the answer, until i reached 195, the next question was SATA and i was not sure of the answer, so i just wait the times up, and the computer stop, and im done.

So, to those who will take the test, if you see that you are running out of time, dont freak out, calm yourself, and as much as possible make sure of your answer on these last series of questions, if you not sure, just wait to finish the time withouth answering , because if you are below the line on that moment, the computer will surely stop giving you questions, but if the comp still giving you question that means you are still above the passing line, its just like, the computer is waiting you to continue on that level to decide that you can maintain above the passing line, so if you go below the line, you failed. thats the key , dont take the risk to give an unsure answer if theres only minutes left.

So i went home after the test, and i thought i failed agsin , because i didnt finish the whole test.

at 8 pm, i tried the pvt, using credit card but wrong expiry date, and when i clck submit button, the good pop up showed up, that relieved my anxiety a little bit , then i repeat it again after midnight, and after 24 hrs, and still getting the good pop up.I woke up this morning 8/19/17 saturday, and check the breeze online, Holly cow, i have my license number stating that im officially an RN.Thanks god, finally.

By the way , this was my 7th attempt, my first 6 attempt was really deserving to failed because i didnt prepared for it, i continue work

ing, and there were time that i took the test coming from work. But this time , i took it seriously, I used the NCLEX RN Proficiency app, i subscribe for 60 days, it expired 2 days before my test, I used that for my practice test, and for my content, I used the videos from you tube, it helps me a lot to understand all the pathophysiology of all the system.watching her video is like you are attending a live classroom review.heres the link if somebody interested....

And I stayed in a hotel for 3 days before the test to focus on my review.

So guys, "Dont give up if you failed", we are not a looser, we just failed the test.

Congratulations! I'm here in California also and I graduated in 1993. How did you go about getting your application done? Did you have any problems in getting your approval to test? how long did it take? What review center did you attend? I still have an Active PRC Lic.



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