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Hello everyone,

I am 10 days from graduation from nursing school. I love the science and study of nursing, I love the people and patients. I have not had a lot of issues in my clinicals, except that I seem to be slower getting things done. I have improved this semester but really question if I can handle a full load of patients.

I was diagnosed with ADD 6 years ago. I make pretty good grades and

have learned how to compensate for it over the years. I compensate in clinicals by being very careful, AKA going slower. However, if I feel over stressed/anxious I make stupid mistakes. My instructors have scared me to death in lectures in horror stories about nurses that have made serious med orders and killed a patient. I am terrified I am going to make a mistake.

So, here is my question. I have been offered a job doing case management. It will not require any direct patient contact. I figure I can work as a home health care nurse on the side or try to get into a weekend nurse intern position once I get my RN. It will be steady 8-5 job. pays ok.

I plan to attend a part-time MBA program if I am accepted this Fall and I figure this would be the best direction to go with that in mind. Health care administration is my ultimate goal (maybe open up a business in the future).

I know a former nurse that works there and she loves the job. I just want to have a relatively stable and happy existence. I want to help people and not feel like I compromise my care to meet a time deadline all the time.


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I didn't see the question you were wanting to ask. However, I think mainly you wanted some affirmation on your assumption of being a new grad and the stress, etc. I have been a weekend only new grad for about a month (three months orientation also). It is VERY fast paced and stressful! I don't feel worried I'll make a med error because there are checks in place for that. I take enough time to check the med once out of the pyxis, the order in the computer, the patient's arm band and scan everything. If you do the 5 rights you should be fine. I also call the pharmacy with questions. Everyone on my floor has been wonderful assisting my transition.

Now, it may be hard to find a weekend only position. I was lucky that I was employed with the hospital as a tech first and there was a position available at the time. If you are working M-F and want a weekend staff RN job that presents two problems. First, you are overworking yourself and second you will have to orient during the week probably.

I think your plan of case management, MBA is a great one. I started back to school as well for my MSN, education track. Finished with my first semester.

Good luck to you! Happy Graduation!:ancong!:


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Oh yes, the question! Dang ADD strikes again.

Thank you for your reply. A few of my classmates have expressed concerns about my losing my clinical skills. Honestly, haven't got much to lose at this point. Most skills I have done in the nursing lab but it seems I have had few opptys to do the major technical skills. I can do vital signs, I can take blood for labs, give shots - real basic stuff so far.

Would working in case mngmt be a good move or am I trapping myself by not going the med-surg for 2 yrs tract.


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I think you are "trapping" yourself if you forego any clinical experience (med-surg or otherwise). I think your odds of ever moving in to direct patient care would be diminished. Of course, if you don't want to do direct patient care then it's not a problem. For me, case management would drive me bananas.


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Why would it drive you bananas? I don't know much about what the job entails honestly. I assume I would be scheduling services for people who have medical claims with the insurance companies, using their approved vendors and just acting as a liason. Maybe I am naive?

Let me know what I am in for if I take that job!


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