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Hi all,

I'm a Graduate Nurse with an interview in a PEDS PCU unit this Monday. I've been having anxiety about it and was hoping for some tips. What kind of questions might I face specifically with peds and what kind of scenerios might I be asked about? I know every interview is different but I can't help the anxiety, what if I go blank and not know what to answer. Should I go over my Peds material from class? I know I'm rambling on and on.... but I know I can get some good advice here!

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I'm sure every interview is different, but as a new grad I think they are generally asking personality questions (what are your strengths? weaknesses?) or situational questions (example: We all have challenging patients sometime - tell me about one of your most challenging patients in clinicals? Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership? etc). They probably would not ask you about specific illnesses or meds or anything to test your knowledge, so it would be more advantageous to think about your answers to typical interview questions rather than studying your notes.

There are lots of threads about interview questions and advice, but I just interviewed for Peds and the NICU and both of them specifically asked me how I would handle the death of a patient since we are working with children. Also, be prepared to answer "why do you want to work in Peds" and try to have something a little more concrete and unique than just something like "I love kids". Good luck :)

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