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Hi :)

I'm wondering if employers look more at grades or how well you interview/referees?

I only have a credit average but I work well during placement. Is it going to be really difficult to find a job not having all distinction or high distiction grades?

Thank you!

EDIT: I'm applying for Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast positions.

Hey, I have just started a new grad program in Sydney area, and they didn't look at my grades at all. I don't think they even asked for my GPA, and it was purely based on how you perform at the interview. They score you in the interview at your first preference hospital, and then if they dont want you, your score will go to your next preference hospital, and it goes down the line.

I applied in QLD as well, I think you do have to put down your GPA in the application, not sure how much that is based in choosing you for the program though.

I had a pass/credit average and got my first preference in QLD and my second preference in NSW.

NSW applications close tomorrow for new grad positions, hope you have already applied !

Awesome :) Thank you so much for the information. I have already applied for NSW. That's great to hear you received offers at your top 2 preference hospitals.

Are the interview questions pretty standard? So strengths, weaknesses, working in a team, etc?

Thanks again :)

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