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grades for prereqs...Los Medanos

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I just decided to go back to school for nursing. I am a teacher with an MS in Education. Looking at the prereqs...I may have to take a class over. Does anyone know what happens when you repeat a class? Do they take the repeat grade or average it out with the old grade?

I'm planning on applying to LMC but not for a couple years...I'm taking it slow. I have 2 kids and still need to save enough money for me to get into the nursing program.

Any thoughts? Is there anyone that went through the Los Medanos College ADN program? How long did it take for you to get in (with the lottery system)?

Thanks for your help.


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If you repeat a class they take yur new grade over the old one ... and also, as far as the straight RN program, you may be waiting up to 4 yrs. I had a co worker who sat on the wait list over 3 yr... if you ever consider it, you may want to look into maybe a LVN program where you can get in fairly quickly and then do the bridge LVN-RN @ LMC... thats the route Im doing because I dont have the patience, I want to be done! Im a single mom and it hasnt been easy, but theres always a way when you are passionate about it ... good luck whatever you decide ...

Thank you for your help. How long is the LVN program? Is it full time?

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Hello Em:

I also "retook" one of my pre-reqs in order to erase an old C grade that I earned when I was a SDSU surfer girl/MBA student. All the colleges I applied to--including LMC--took the A I earned over the C.

I too am a mom with a prior degree now going thru nursing school. Of all the schools I applied to, LMC was the hardest to get into for me....I was a strong candidate who was accepted at UCSF, Samuel Merritt, Contra Costa College and CSUEB.

LMC was the only one that didn't accept me. Not to discourage you, but when I applied, LMC was using a lottery system. There are so many more candidates that can apply to ADN programs, and they are the cheapest way to the RN, so they can be very impacted. Was able to get into another ADN program, but CSUEB Concord campus was a closer commute for me.

I hear some of the ADN programs are starting to do away with the lottery system and moving more towards grade ranking systems, so by the time you are done with your pre-reqs, LMC may be using a new system that would favor you. Sign up for the LMC seminar, and you will get a lot of useful info for your pre-nursing journey.

Given that you already have a lot of the GE done, I would also recommend checking out the CSUEB Concord Campus program. They have monthly info sessions available. You may also want to check into Samuel Merritt, even though they are expensive, they have scholarships and loan programs available.

Check the websites and go attend some info sessions, and you will get loads of insight. It's very doable, so hang in.

Good luck to you, keep working a it a day at a time and you will get there, Mamma. All while setting a good example for the kids. PM me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.


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