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does it matter if i got a c in english 101 and a c in speech communications?

i have an A in psychology, A's in a&p 1 & 2 and i am anticipating an A in microbiology...the community college that i am going to apply at require a 2.75 gpa in psychology, a&p 1&2 and microbiology....should i take the english 101 and speech communications over in order to better my chances of getting an A or B?? i took those classes well over 10 years ago...

You're be just fine. If the school still accepting those courses even you had taken 10 yrs ago. If I were you I wouldn't go back and retake once more. But if you feel that that is something that needs to be improve then go for it. Your GPA is OK. Just study hard to get an A in Micro...Good luck

Valley is currently pulling new applicants by lottery and putting the remaining students on a waitlist. I believe a C is the minimum requirement for ge to apply (double check on their website)! So it doesn't actually matter whether or not you get an A or a C for their program since its not competitive entry. Just remember after you apply to turn in a renewal of applicatipn form to remain on the waitlist. Btw, the waitlist isn't too long and a lot of people forget o turn in their slips so you'll be bumped up in acceptance order. Good luck with classes and all applications!

Oh. P.s. although minimum grades to apply for vwlley are all that is required, some hospitals will look at your gpa so I guess you could take that into consideration. Hope all that helped!

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