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Curious what the overall & science prerequisite GPAs were for those accepted into accelerated CD2 nursing program at Wayne State University???

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These are the admission requirements:

Applications for admission to the College of Nursing programs are holistically reviewed with consideration given according to the following criteria/priority order. For all categories, students must have all prerequisites complete and submitted and meet all minimums.

Group 1: The College of Nursing may offer early admission to applicants who meet the following requirements:

-All prerequisite courses taken at WSU

-3.5 prerequisite GPA

-No prerequisites repeated

Group 2: All prerequisites taken at WSU.

Group 3: All natural science prerequisites taken at WSU.

Group 4:

-Prerequisites taken anywhere

-3.0 prerequisite GPA

-No prerequisites repeated

Group 5: All others, ranked by GPA

Was this what you were looking for? If you have any other questions, you can contact an advisor in the College of Nursing.


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Thank you Heidi! Familiar with admission criteria though. Question, to students accepted, was not what the minimum requirements for consideration are, but what actual GPA results determined their selection.

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