GPA, Science and Non, Teas Scores and Healthcare Exp??? What were your stats?

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Nobody responded to my last post- haha. I am wondering in the Snoho/King/Skagit areas, to both successful and non-successful program applicants, what were your grades, teas scores and work experience? What was your experience during the interview process? I won't have a 4.0 but more realistically a 3.9-4.0 in non science and maybe a 3.4-3.3 in science. (I received a 2.9 in anatomy and that is my lowest so far :() Not willing to retake until I am c certain no RN program will see past that B-. I've spent hours researching and just want to know what was your background when you applied? Not thinking of U program, just the more competitive ones at CC's and LWIT? If you are currently in a program, do you like it??

Thanks People!


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I applied for BC, which ranks on TEAS score so I slacked on GPA for awhile. Teas was 93.3, GPA is 3.2ish, no healthcare work experience. Ultimate goal of CRNA.


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Nice! Do you like the Bellevue program so far? Are they only offering fall q entrance now?

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