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I am applying for the 2 year community college RN program. After achieving the RN degree, I am planning on doing the one year RN-BSN degree. I know having 3.5+ gpa and higher makes you more competitive when applying to CRNA program..but which GPA counts? The RN program or the one year BSN program or averaged both?

Just worried since the community college I'm applying to is notorious for not giving out good grades while the BSN program school is known for better grades..

Thanks in advance and sorry if this sounded rather confusing.


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i think the bsn gpa....someone correct me if im wrong


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UAB looks at GPA's of both 60 hours and the required science courses, then averages the two.

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Jbrock is right. They will look at both. Many school websites state "Nursing GPA or last 60 hours."

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