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So my very first year in college, I took anatomy. I had an icredibly difficult professor who failed about half the class. I passed with a C+ in his course(really only 11 points away from a B, but whose counting.) and the next semester I passed physiology with a b+! The rest of my non science classes I have gotten As and 2 B+s. Is there a chance I can get into a Californian(my primary option) nursing program?

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Take a look at how the college you are applying to factors their applications. I was accepted at a tough school but I had a 3.5 average on prereqs. I had a 2.9 on Anatomy, a 3.0 on physiology, a 2.7 on chemistry and 4.0 on my non science (english, psych 1 &2) I passed my math classes and was happy. But it depends on how they score it. I took every extra bonus point possible on my application. I scored high on the TEAS, and worked as a CNA and took extra humanities toward a BNS degree. All of those gave me extra credit when applying so my factor score was high and made up for the grades.

The other college I applied at only factored grades from three classes. I was wait listed.

So it all depends on your school.

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Depends on where you're applying. CSUs (and even CCs) are extremely competitive and rely on points system. Majority heavily factor in science and overall GPA but I found that quite a few in southern CA and the bay area give extra large bonuses if you live nearby them. You might want to check around. Private schools might be good for you since they factor in more personality/experience rather than just grades. If you're willing to relocate for school, there's a higher chance of getting into a program. You'll really have to look around to see which school has a criteria that provides best chances for you.