What is life like as an AF Reserve nurse?

  1. I am an operating room nurse with 10+ yrs of experience, and 11 yrs prior enlisted active duty. I am considering trying to become an AF Reserve nurse but was wondering what reserve life might be like such as:

    - Weekend Duty
    - Summer Training
    - Issues with employers
    - Deployment length and frequency
    - Pay and benefits satisfaction
    - Typical workday, etc.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   79Tango
    Congratulations on your decsion! You picked the perfect time to come back... The AF the has the best summer camp, shortest/lowest frequency deployments, top pay & highest satisfaction. Employers love you because all the Army guys are "crazy" AF RNs display the perfect level of self control under pressure. The bad thing is you just missed the OR sign-on bonus.
  4. by   Periop-Doug
    Hey 79Tango, thanks for the info! Although it looks like my timing may be worse than I thought. I am 47 and will graduate with my BSN in Dec, after I turn 48. I thought the age requirements were the same as active duty (limit of 42 after subtracting years of prior enlisted service. I have 11 years AD so I would be 37 when I graduate.) but the recruiter told me the reserves do not subtract AD services years from my age and the cut-off is 46. I can apply for an age waiver but he thinks it will be difficult. Not sure where this will go now. I may have to resort back to AD attempt.