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    I was so happy to see this forum for Government Employed Nurses. I'm a LPN, who hasn't worked in nursing for a few years. I'm taking the re-entry program for LPN's this summer, starting later this month. (Recommended by our OSBN.) I'm really looking forward to going back into nursing. I hope to further my education also and enter the BSN program at OHSU, after I finish the rest of my prerequisites. We are moving to Portland, Oregon in August.

    I did a clinical at a VA hospital while I was in the Practical Nurse Program and loved it! I hope to work at the VA in Portland, after I finish my re-entry program. So far it looks like they are hiring at the VA, and will continue to do so for awhile. I really hope to get a job there. I really enjoyed working with the veterans, lots of history.

    Any advice for this hopeful LPN?
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  3. by   DelGR
    Good luck. It's looking very promising for LPNs in the VA. I was recently in on a conference call regarding the grading for LPNs. They recently added a step to grade 6 and added a new grade 7. But to get to those will mean doing more on your own and taking on more complex specialized work.