USAF Nurse Transition Program 2013

  1. Hey everyone.

    I am a single 21-year-old male, graduating with my BSN in December 2012, and I plan to take the NCLEX-RN exam in January or February 2013. I recently spoke to a recruiter about my interest in becoming an AirForce nurse. Does anyone know what months the NTP board meets in 2013? My recruiter told me that we should get started on my application in March, but I would just like to get a headstart and know what kind of information goes into an application package.

    I have seen other boards about the USAF and NTP here, and all of them have been really helpful. I was just wondering if there were others out there who were planning on applying this upcoming year--2013--as well? I have no nursing experience aside from school, but my overall GPA is around 3.8 and I meet the physical requirements. I hope to work Med/Surg. I eventually want to become a Flight Nurse or Family Nurse Practitioner, or both!

    Is there anyone who can offer advice on what I should expect and on how competitive it is to be accepted into COT/NTP? What are my chances compared to everyone else? I'm very excited for this opportunity, and I would like to gather as much information as I can from your guys' points of view, as well as my recruiter's. I must have looked at the USAF website and through these forums hundreds of times, but I want more perspectives! Please tell me your stories. And if you are also applying for 2013, let me know how you are doing. Thank you.
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  3. by   AFhopeful

    I will be graduating this December as well and had applied for the Air Force NTP program this past summer. I was selected and will be taking the NCLEX Jan/Feb and going to COT in March!

    Even though your recruiter is wanting to wait until March to start your process (which is good for MEPS/CN Interview as those have expiration dates), ask for the short answer questions. These are kind of like interview questions and will tell the selection board why you are interested in the Air Force and what your future goals are. It also previews your leadership abilities and personality.

    You will also have to make a resume. I had a two page resume highlighting my leadership abilities both in school and in the community. If you have participated in extra-curricular activities during nursing school this will give the board insight on how you will perform as a leader in the Air Force. Remember in the military you are an officer first, nurse second.

    If you happen to get a civilian job while you are waiting for the boards to meet, sign up to be on committees or volunteer on a day off. Again this shows leadership and involvement. The military is a lifestyle and you will be expected to perform duties outside of your regular work schedule.

    You already said you have looked through the Air Force website. I think it helps to know the Air Force mission/vision, values, history, etc.

    I hope this helped a little bit and good luck to you! I think the next board meets in July of 2013.
  4. by   supafly09
    Hey Afhopeful. I graduate next December and my recruiter told me to apply in the spring to start COT in March 2014. I have a question. When you applied did you have to do the PFT? Or is the PFT only done once you go to COT? I have already started working out for it, but I was wondering if I needed to be able to pass PFT to even apply.
  5. by   midinphx
    There isn't a PT test prior to COT. You must make weight though. COT will be alot easier for you if you can keep up with the PT and can pass the 1st PT test - which is the 1st week. Keep working out.
  6. by   kdazzle
    hey supafly09,

    one thing to consider too is there are multiple COT dates throughout the year so dont bank on going COT at a certain time. when I just filled out my application to be resubmitted, my recruiter had me look at a list and pick which COT date I would like to attend and if it isnt filled up already then I could go to that one but if not then would have to go to a different one that year. Just something to think about.
  7. by   midinphx
    very true kdazzle. When I applied, I had expected/intended to go in January per my recruiter's info. Package turn in October, but I didn't even get notified of the board results until the following March (talk about frustrating!). I finally got to COT at the end of that May.

    Get your ACLS now if you can. It'll look good on your application.
  8. by   bamabell13
    Hi! I am putting in a packet also for the 2013 NTP board in August. Would love to know how the process is going for you. I have been active duty and then reserves over the last 7 years. Just finished BSN in Missouri. I am currently a flight medic in the AF Reserves, so I can tell you all about flight nursing.
  9. by   tashacorinne
    I am applying to this NTP board as well... I was an alternate from the last board and this time I hope to actually be a select. I am seriously stressing out over my resume now.