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Hi all, I'll soon be 45, and am about to graduate from the Radford University (Virginia) BSN program. I'm a USAF veteran (a Signals Intel Officer from 1984-88). The AF nursing recruiter is... Read More

  1. by   Imscray
    Thanks for all the information everyone. I really appreciate it. As with many things in life, it seems like something of a crap shoot on the CRNA thing. I have no doubt that I'd qualify as soon as I get the required experience, so I'm definitely going to ask the recruiter about staying civilian for a year and then applying directly through AFIT. Things are going to be really tight financially for a while (my area is one of the lower paying areas of the country for new grad RNs), but I'll make it one way or the other. The military still seems like a great opportunity in my situation however.

    Thanks again, and I'll keep in touch!