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  1. this is a question for all navy nurses. is it possible to get a first assignment other than the big three? i am asking because i am seriously considering the navy, but dont want to go to any of the big three for my first assignment.
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  3. by   navynurse06
    I just want to ask why you don't want to go to one of the big three?
    Yes it is possible to get your 1st assignment at other hospitals, but I don't recommend it. I would just like to hear your reasoning behind not wanting to work at one of the big 3!
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  4. by   DanznRN
    I too am curious, it can happen though. However, the Navy likes to put people at one of the Big 3 so the new nurse can get more exposure. Now if you have been practicing for a while, then I'm with you, go somewhere else. What is the aversion to the Big 3?

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  5. by   KAINETX
    I already have nursing experience and dont want to start out as most nurses coming in fresh from nursing school, because that not where i am in my career. I will have an Ensign rank on my collar but I have experiece and i am prior service military also 33 years old. Also, I have no desire at this time to move to San Diego, Bethesada, or Portmouth. I do understand I could end up anywhere if i join the Navy, I just my first assignment to be at a smaller hosptial, smaller city.I think a smaller hospital would be right for me for my first assignment. I will have plenty of time to get around to working at one of the Big 3.
  6. by   DanznRN
    True, you will have plenty of time to get around to one of the Big 3. However, you will be an Ensign and that is all the detailer will see, so you are going to need to talk to someone up front about going somewhere else in the beginning. Not sure what experience you have, military or nursing, but you need to make that apparent to whoever is bringing on Active Duty. What "smaller city, smaller hospital" are you thinking about? Your best bet is to find one that uses your experience and then you are going to have to sell youirself to get there, what is your background?

    LCDR(s) Dan
  7. by   KAINETX
    I have let my recruiter and detailer know what my preferences bases are so i have let it be know what my choices, FL) My experience in Nursing is almost 2 years in Psychiatric/Mental health nursing and I know my best change to continue that is at a Larger Hospital, however i am willing to do med/surg, or anything else to get the bases that i want at this time. i was in the Army enlisted for 5 years so i know the best to get what i want is now before i raise my hand and swear in.