Spouse of Disabled Veteran Seeks Advice

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    Hello All, I'm new to posting but have been reading all your posts with most interest. I have sooo many ques. I'll begin by saying I'm a former LVN who "quit" nursing 6+ years ago. I went on to pursue a B.A. English/minor Education and will be finished in Dec. 07. However, my husband convinced me to finish BSN & long story short I begin nursing school in Jan 08. I'm thinking of joining military (at my husband's urging) for the experience and schooling I may be able to attain. I want to know which branch u feel offers the best opportunities. Also I'm Very interested in working overseas. My husband was stationed in Germany AF for many yrs & would love to go back. So anyone who has worked overseas as a nurse any opinion would help. Also, are there any branches that are more inclined to send u overseas? Do u have a choice as a new grad? What about specialty- I want to work OR - I'm not very fond of MedSurg-My husband was AF 10 yrs, but also did Navy & Army though not as nurse- he tells me Army promotes faster is it true? Lastly my husband is 100% disabled veteran & I have 2 small children 10-11, will this be an issue for military? Deployments? I know this is alot of ques. but you guys are so knowledgable- I feel like a babe in the woods lol...also keep in mind I've never been in the military, so any suggestions on how to adjust at age 38 (40 by the time I go in) Any input is kindly appreciated!!!!
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