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  1. Today I got a call from the Chief Nurse of the ANG unit I am hoping to join. My preceptor is the commander of the unit and so she set up the call. We talked for over an hour, and she asked me to send my resume. They won't drill in their home location this month, so it is early next month before I get to go. But we had a good conversation, and it was amazing how similar our situations are. She told me she enjoyed the conversation and said we'd meet with her assistant chief nurse. Also she told me that it would be appropriate to bring my husband if I wanted, and to wear business casual "appropriate for an interview" so I could spend some time following around members of the unit. She also told me that if the commander (my preceptor) didn't think I would mix well with the unit and if she didn't think I could handle the job clinically she would not have even told me she had a slot open.

    So for those who have been through this, does it sound favorable thus far?

    I've read on here about a sheet with nine questions that you have to answer- do you do this at interview or do you get this from the recruiter?

    Is it typical for them to invite you to bring your spouse, or is this a way for them to see how serious you are?

    I'm also a little confused on the officer training. Everyone keeps telling me that nurses go to COTS, but she is telling me a new nurse (a Lt) just got back from RCOTS and that this is what nurses go to. She did tell me that even if everything progresses and I get approved from the national board to not expect to do RCOT before December 2014.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  3. by   Enthused RN
    Alright mamakellyd! It sounds like you're trying to make things happen! Please update the thread on how the interview goes. Good luck!