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    I am looking for nurses that have "been there, done that" to kind of give me the run down/advice/info on flight nursing in the air force. what is the training like, how long, survival course, etc. I am a firefighter/paramedic and am hoping to get accepted to nursing school (find out if i made it next month). I want to know if in the reserves a program exists such as in active duty where you come in enlisted as a medical tech, put in a package for nursing and they put you through school (you get paid your rank as a normal job only your job is to go to school)? if so, how do i go about getting in, what are the chances of getting my package accepted, etc. I know reserves does 80% of the mission for flight nurses, but what are the pros and cons for AD vs. Reserve besides retirement? how long would i be looking at if i do the enlisted crossing over to officer? are there alot of slots open for reserve flight nurses/AD flight nurses? If I were to go AD, do they keep me state-side the first four years or what are the chances of me going over seas. I am 24, married and would like to start having kids by 27,28. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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