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  1. Hey all! Long time lurker, first post.

    A little background info: I was a civilian CNA for 4 years before I enlisted, did a tour as a combat medic with the 82nd. I spent 2 years at a big MTF as the NCOIC of a clinic. I'm now in the Army's LPN program.

    I've been to a brief for the AECP and now that I'm in the LPN program I can ease the acceptance to a BSN program and I've decided to pursue the AECP . However, deciding where to start after looking at the mountain of paperwork required to submit my packet is overwhelming.

    First and foremost: Any recommended schools? Or even better, is there a list -even unofficially- of schools that are familiar with us Active duty folks and this program?

    I looked at some of the other posts, of which there are many on this particular topic, but it's entirely possible I overlooked this info. I appreciate any advice and guidance someone could provide.
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  3. by   ncox1
    Best place to find any type of list would be the POC of who gave the brief. When I was applying I asked for the same thing and got an outdated list. Honestly I just had to find one by my own research based upon the criteria from the PP presentation.

    I just finished the AECP program and am awaiting a BOLC date. The school I went to was University of Texas Health and Science Center School of Nursing in Houston. I would highly recommend this school because it's right in the center of the largest medical center in the world. All your clinical rotations are at some of the best hospitals in their respected fields.

    And yes, you are correct. That packet is a beast in of itself.