Questions on a few specific VA Hospitals!

  1. Hi all,

    I am a nurse with 4+ years of experience, one of which has been as a travel nurse in California. I'm originally from Maryland, and am considering working at a VA Hospital once I finish traveling.

    I'm looking for anyone who has had experience at the Washington DC VA, or the VA in Los Angeles. I used to work at Washington Hospital Center (right across from the VA in DC) and I always heard bad things about the VA. I don't want to judge solely on what I heard! I don't know anything about the LA VA, but I am considering staying in California

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   ks1773
    I don't have any experience with VA LA; however, I work at VA Long Beach in CA (which is also located in LA county).

    I have been at VA LB for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I worked in a private sector hospital in Newport Beach before working at VALB, and I have to say that the patients are much nicer and respectful in VALB and the co-workers are just like my new family members. The pay is competitive, your pay increases every two years regardless of what you did; however, it can move much faster if you are involved with leadership stuff.
  4. by   cris.damian
    ks1773 Hello. Maybe you can help me. I'm an enlisted Army reservist living in San Antonio Texas. I've been an LVN working in telemetry since 2009. I've also been working as a GS LVN at SAMMC for 2 years now. I will graduate this December with an assocciates degree in nursing (RN). There is a posting for employment for ER-Critical care RN in a VA hospital in Long Beach, CA. The posting states that proffesional nursing experience in an acute care setting is preferred (not listed under requirements). My question is, with veterans preference and LVN experience, am I eligible to apply? Or am I excluded because upon graduation I will be considered a "new nurse"
  5. by   ks1773
    Hey cris,

    Unfortunately, you do need to go through the new graduate program which opens up twice a year (once around march I believe and another sometimes during the winter - I would call to double check the dates).

    Right now VALB is only hiring BSN nurses :/ however maybe they will make an exception for veterans? The hiring process is based on a point system and being a veteran, you'll definitely have an advantage.

    Good luck!
  6. by   cris.damian
    Thanks ks1773. I figured experience would somewhat count. I'm originally from SoCal, but I'll just get RN experience here in San Antonio while I get my BSN then hopefully better my chances. I really want to be back in the LBC.