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  1. If the board selects me: how long before ODS? Is it a difference between ocs? How does the travel and moving reimbursement work? I'm just wondering about the cost of finding a place and paying first last and security how that works if its on me or on the navy? I'm just trying to get prepared
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  3. by   nursespouse
    While I am not nor never have been Navy I think I can help you. ODS(Officer Development School), OCS (officer candidate school), and also OIS (officer indoctrination school). OCS is a school that officers would take that are in certain branches, basically combat type jobs. Support officers (like nurses and many other branches) would go to ODS. ODS isnt as rigorous as OCS, and it also has alot of different types of courses. Where certain things that are important for most of the combat arms branches, they arent really important for the support branches. OIS which doctors, lawyers, and chaplains and the like is all more easier. It is basically fork and knife. I think it is around 2 weeks and they learn how to wear the uniform, and learn some military leadership stuff.

    so basically OCS=hardcore, ODS=tough but not as tough as OCS, and OIS really not much going on here lol.

    IF your ODS works anything like the Armys BOLC, you will not PCS to your ODS. You will recieve orders for your first duty station before going to ODS. the orders you receive actually for ODS will have your first duty station listed on them. As well as what date you are due to show up.After ODS you will head to your first duty station, where you will be given time, usually around 2 weeks, to find a place to live. You will be given BAH also if you are living off post. You will also be given BAH temporarily, in the case that you want to live on post but nothing is available and you are just waiting for a place. Once you get your orders, for ODS and your first duty station, you can contact that first duty station and talk with the travel department, and housing, to get an appointment for them to come pack up your things, and move it to a storage facility, in which they will wait on you to get your place at your first duty station and call them and they will drop it off there. OR you could do a dity move, get a uhaul and move it all yourself and the military will reimburse you. most of the time you will get more than you paid. Sounds confusing I know but if you google DITY moves it is better explained.
  4. by   oaktown2
    OIS is actually what they used to send nurses to, it is now ODS and includes chaplain, legal medical, etc. It is only 5 weeks whereas OCS is 12. I have yet to go, but there is a good thread here that provides a lot of info. https://allnurses.com/government-mil...ds-696434.html
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    Line officers go to OCS, staff corps (minus civil engineers and another one I can't remember) go to ODS. As stated earlier, OCS is a 12 week program for candidates go (I.e. you receive your commission upon graduation) learn the operational skills of Bering in the navy, after graduation they progress to respective schools for their duty. ODS is for doctors, nurses, chaplains, lawyers, and medical service corps. They receive their commission before reporting to Newport, and therefore are treated with more respect and responsibility than the candidates. Depending on which program you are in that gets you to officer training will help you determine your HHG. I commissioned a month before ODS and had them come pack up my stuff a few days before I left. Then your goods are kept in temporary storage for up to 90 days for free! You can fly or drive to Newport. A few weeks in you get travel costs automatically reimburse to you via direct deposit. It's a estimate of how much it would cost you to travel from your home address. I came out with a reimbursement that was more than what I spent. I'm actually in my last week of ODS so I haven't go e through the whole process with HHG yet, but so far I haven't dropped a penny to move my belongings.
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    Thank u for the clarification! I have some navy friends but they are AM (aviation mechanics). They keep saying OCS, I keep correcting them just wanted to make sure I was correct. I try not to base what to expect by them since I will be an officer and in medical.
    How soon after being selected did u go to ODS?
  7. by   utamaverick
    Hello staugnurse,

    I recently completed ODS in August. I felt a little confused about the whole process, so I'd like to clear up some uncertainties that I had felt before, just like you are feeling now.

    I graduated in May but went to the August ODS. The timing is all about when you pass your NCLEX and when you get commissioned. If you pass your NCLEX and get commissioned early in the month, look towards heading to the ODS the following month. (I graduated in May, passed the NCLEX in June, got commissioned in July, and went to ODS in August)

    As for the HHG: you mostly have 2 options as nursespouse has stated. You will get BAH. I find it rare for officers to live on base. I did the DITY move and was reimbursed for my expenses. Keep in mind that they will not ship your personal vehicle, so you will need to drive it to your first duty station.

    Another option is to keep your car and drive to ODS in Newport. Then they will give you multiple travel days after you graduate from ODS to travel to your first duty station (depending on the distance from your duty station from ODS) If you travel by air, you have 1 travel day.

    You will find out the huge difference between ODS and OCS.
    1. You are a commissioned officer when you arrive in Newport, thus you are being "developed"
    2. Officer Candidates are seeking a commission, so their process is mentally and physically tough to find those most suitable to become an officer.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.
  8. by   staugnurse

    Thank you for your response. My kit is being presented to the board this month, fingers crossed I get selected. I'm wondering how long after the board selects you before you head off to ODS?
    If I'm understanding correctly, I would be responsible for deposits on a new place. However the navy will reimburse a certain amount for relocation afterwards?
    Thank you for your help.
  9. by   carolinakate88
    If you choose to do a do-it-yourself (DITY) move then yes they will reimburse you once you get to your duty station. Otherwise DPS will coordinate a moving company to box and ship your goods. That's what I did, all of your belongs are insured for damage by the moving company during the move should you choose that route. Then they will place it into storage for you and come and unpack it at your new home (and take all of the boxes). You don't pay anything up front this way. I've heard mixed messages about whether this is filed with your taxes later.
  10. by   carolinakate88
    Also. Are you coming into the navy through NCP or direct accession? That will make a difference as to when you head to ODS.
  11. by   staugnurse
    I would be coming direct accession. I am waiting now for the board to meet and hopefully select me. However if I do not get it this time, I have already begun the process of switching to ICU at work. This way my creditials can be changed to ICU.
  12. by   carolinakate88
    That can take anywhere from a couple of months, up to a year. My recruiter told me that generally the classes right at the beginning of the year fill with candidates that submit their kits earlier in the year, or werent selected the previous year and have resubmitted. I dont know the true integrity of that. I submitted my kit September of 2011 and was wait-listed until September of this year. I didn't hear any news about my orders until this past August. Then from there I had a month the get everything ready. It moved quickly, but I felt like I had enough prep time before heading off to ODS.
  13. by   staugnurse
    Thank u for your help. Do you know how many nurses applied last year and how many were wait listed? How do they determine who gets accepted and who is wait listed? My recruiter is vague on her answers.
  14. by   carolinakate88
    You're welcome! Last year at the board they pre-selected 48 nurses but had to wait to cut orders due to waiting on the budget to be signed. Once it was signed at the beginning of this year they could only make space for 36. So there were 12 of us that basically had to wait and see if an opening would pop up sometime this year (like if something happened and an individual didn't accept their commission) or if they made space in the last few classes of the year. There are I think 3 of us in my ODS class that were wait listed and finally received a spot at the last minute. The numbers change every year based on the needs of the navy, and with how many retire or decide to get out.