Nicu nurse w/BSN has 3 questions about Navy

  1. Hi all,

    Just a few questions from a unknowledgeable civilian....

    1. I am a NICU nurse with my BSN. What are my options regarding the Navy? Will I get an assignment in my specialty, or "go where the need is" as I have seen posted before? I don't really mind what I do, as long as I get a refresher in adult care and don't end up in a VA. I would love to be stationed on a ship or sub.

    2. How does one pursue an advanced degree, eg CRNA while active duty? what if you "ship out?" Does it take a lot longer than it normally would?

    3. What are the physical requirements to be direct commissioned as an officer? I need some general info to figure out what my abilities are. EG. time swimming, pushups, laps, run times....etc. Any info would be appreciated!

    I realize this has gone far beyond 3 questions. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  3. by   Kora0880

    If you go active duty, you will not be working at VA. Navy is in need of peds/ob nurses, nurses overall. They got hospitals in many states (mostly in big cities) which serve both military and civilians, and yes military people also have children, sometimes critically ill, so probabbly yes you will have a chance to work in your specialty. . . .

    There are a few ways Navy will help you and encourage you to go to grad school, CRNAs are needed and whichever way you will go or qualify for, the Navy will help you at least partially (or a full ride) to get there. Of course you will owe them some time for that but if you signed up you would expect it anyway, no??

    Physical requirements are according to height, age and so on. . . my best advice for you is to go to under nursing career and fill out you info. A recruiter will contact you and will answer all your questions. Had a wanderful experience with my signing up, recruiter and everyone else up till now. . .

    Best of luck
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