New nurse, can I get to Andrews?

  1. Hello all!
    This may appear twice since it is my first time to EVER post in a blog anf not sure wher to gt things started.

    I am prior active duty service (4 years Services, 6 years Loadmaster). Got out to get my nursing degree. I have my RN, have passed my NCLEX and will start a RN-BSN program in January (2011), to graduate that December. I am getting that I need to start my package probably in January (right?) and that it will most likely take a year before I get to my duty station. Here is my question: I really want to go to Andrews or Bolling (because I want DC). How do I make myself look good so they will want me? Actually not really sure of the difference. I was a flier when I was in before and have no idea how the medical side works. I am looking for jobs now and even though I am at the mercy of the "New Grad" luck (or non luck in this town), I can work harder towards different positions. I currently am looking for work in: L&D, Peds, ED. Really want Peds. Any suggestions or help would be awesome. Or where a new grad with about a year and a half left before I go in the AF should try to get experience in. Thank you!
    Ps. Any one know where the job cuts in the Air Force are going to be? Just heard on NPR.
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