Navy Selection Board

  1. Does the Navy post their selections online so you can see if you made it? Or, do they keep it in a top secrect vault? ;-)~ I was up for the board today and am just nervous. Any info or help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   DanznRN

    Not to be a killer, but boards results normally take a few weeks once decided upon. I had a Navy board meet on a package of mine in December and didn't find out until late January last year. See once they make selections, the selections have to go through all the bigwigs hands so they can put their stamp onit. Once the results are released they post them on the net. Now, that doesn't mean they won't call your recruiter and let them know. Nonetheless, I'd relax a few days before hitting the panic button. I'd call the recruiter in a week or so, so they know you're alive. Good luck and welcome to the Navy.

    LCDR(s) Dan
  4. by   MCHnurse
    I feel your anxiety! I too just had an application go in front of the board and it felt like forever before I got a response. My application was reviewed the first week in December and I didn't get official word that I was selected until a week and a half ago. It was torture and I'm sure that was the longest month of my life. Nonetheless, the holidays probably played a part in the delay. I agree with LCDR Dan that you should hold out for a week before checking in with your recruiter. My recruiter was the one to notify me so I'm not sure about them posting results on the web. GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    I don't have any info on the process. I just want to say thank you for your willingness to serve and good luck!