Navy NCP and Online Degrees

  1. While reading up on the Navy NCP, I have found a couple posters stating that online programs, including the Indiana State LPN to BSN option, might not be acceptable for the program.

    I asked my recruiter who indicated any program that was NLN or CCNE was acceptable. The ISU program states that it is NLNAC approved.

    Is anyone in NCP doing ISU or an other online program, or able to verify any of this information?
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  3. by   Xdoc75
    I would like to know that as well....Did you talk to an officer recruiter?
  4. by   rockytopRN2b
    Yes...I emailed a nurse recruiter out of NRD New England. I asked specifically about the ISU program and her response was this:

    "You can apply for the NCP if the program is an accredited program by the NLN or CCNE."
  5. by   Xdoc75
    That is very cool. Are you planning on taking that route? I just passed my LVN boards and am looking for a way to get back into the Navy.
  6. by   rockytopRN2b
    Congrats on passing!! That's my plan, although I won't be ready to start my package until next summer. I have been trying forever to get a spot for the RN program, but our school only admits 12 students per YEAR, and they're selected by lottery out of a wait list of 100's. I finally said forget it and am going to do the 1-year LPN program and bridge to RN.

    I wish I could find some specific confirmation about ISU's program and the NCP though... The answer the recruiter gave me seems to confirm it would be accepted, but it was also kind of a generic reply. I know I read somewhere that online programs weren't acceptable, but I can't find the post anymore, and don't remember exactly what it was referencing. It seems like ISU's program is still so new, people just don't really know a whole lot about it.

    Either way, I'm planning to do the online bridge... If I have to wait to apply till after I finish my RN-BSN, that's still doable... but I'm really hoping they take it because I'm eager to get the whole process started, and the money for school would definitely help!
  7. by   Xdoc75
    Thank you! Sounds like you have got it figured out. I'm taking the old fashion route. There are perks for being an LVN/LPN.

    Good luck to you!