1. Hi everyone!

    First post, and I hope I'm not asking anyone to repeat too much info. I have been all over these forums but still have a few questions. I am currently in an ADN program with less then a year to graduate. I will then go straight into a BSN program. I am looking to do the NCP when I start my BSN. Now here's my questions.

    1. My whole goal is to become a CRNA. There is a lot of information on the Army's program but not as much on the navy's. I have talked to a Recruiter and didn't get a whole lot more information then I already found googleing it. What is expected to get in, how difficult is it to get the ICU experience I will need while I'm active duty. And then how difficult is it to get into the program at that point. I would at least like to know that I have a fighting chance before I take the rather big step of joining the Navy.

    2. Also I realize that there is no guarantee that I will get into the CRNA program, so I know I'll need to enjoy my job as a Navy nurse as well in case. I have read a lot of info about what it is like to be a nurse in the navy but I am married, and would like an idea of what it would be like for my husband as well. We don't have any children yet but we plan on it, so I would like to know a little about schools and programs available for kids on base too.

    Thanks in advance,

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