Military nursing questions (all branches)

  1. Hello, I am a prospective AFROTC nursing student. I just wanted to know some experiences from nurses in this forum who are in the military. How has your experience shaped you to become the person you are today? And how has your experience as a military nurse been this far? Any nurses from all branches please comment.

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   Sw88tpea
    I'm running out the door but wanted to offer you some information. I'm new to the Navy and have been at my first command for 60 days. Here is a post I was offering to folks with questions. Hopefully it will have some answers for you. I will say that I am exactly where I am supposed right now in my life. I have not had a bad day in the Navy and I feel like I have unlimited opportunities before me. Good luck and Go Navy!
  4. by   midinphx
    I am AF, came in after 14 years civilian nursing. I think the nurses and other officers I've met who came in through the AFROTC program are the most well rounded officers. I am totally for it. It isn't just nurses during your training so you learn more about the military than just going through COT as a direct commission. I think that AFROTC also have more secure future and don't have to fight for their commission quite as bad as trying for a direct commission.

    I highly encourage you to go AFROTC!

    The military gives you experiences and opportunities you would never get as a civilian. I have been an AF ICU nurse for 2 years in a couple weeks and I just got my tasking for my 2nd deployment. I am excited about another tour!
  5. by   ladyc2090
    Thank you for your responses. I look forward to serving as well.