Military Nurse Pay and CRNA Question????

  1. I am a former Marine now going into my 3rd year of nursing school. I am thinking of doing the NCP $10,000 bonus and $1,000 month stipend for 2 years while I am in school. I am trying to size up the pay with civilain and military nursing ( NAVY). I was in the marine corps for 3 years and i want to know if I join the Navy as a Nurse what will my pay be. I know that I will be an O1 with three years prior enlisted. I will be living out in town. The two bases thath I wanted to look at for BAH purposes are Camp Lejuene and Portsmith VA because I know those are training hospitals. I also know thath those two places are not guaranteed. Just wanted to use those two for the BAH like I said to get a good idea. Also I am single as well if thath needs to be known. What other pay is put into there? Can Some one help me with this and come up with a number please. I greatly appreciate it. Oh By the way....Are there any new bonuses or extra money or anything special thath they are offering new nurses thath are in school right now to come join the Navy? Just want to make sure.

    Also I wanted to know how long do u have to wait to apply for DUINS when I come on active duty? I know i have to work in ICU and/or acute care for a year before I can apply to a CRNA program which is what I am going o do. I am looking at becoming a CRNA when and if i go in and I know the navy can help me achieve this.

    Thank You
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  3. by   DanznRN
    Since you were in for 3 years, you know how the pay chart works. Go to and you can get the most recent one. Your rank would be O-1E which is significantly higher than a regular O-1. You BAH which is dependent on your duty station and you get BAS (COMRATS for you enlisted folk) and that's $187/ month. So you get Base pay, BAH, and BAS as an officer, no uniform stipend like enlisted either. As for DUINS, which I'm in now, you have to serve 3 years active before you're eligible to apply. DUINS is not a sure thing, you have to compete, especially for CRNA. As a CRNA you get a bonus per year, I think it's $10,000/ year over your other pays. As for first duty stations, forget LeJeune, think more Bethesda, Portsmouth, or San Diego, one of "The Big 3." That's where most new nurses go, if not all new nurses, one of those. Need anymore help, let me know.

    LCDR Dan
  4. by   Tanker
    Actually, for "E" pay you need 4 years and a day of enlisted active duty. Otherwise you fall in the regular pay catagory.
  5. by   DanznRN
    Ouch, well that's a bummer. I was a direct assesion so I didn't even know that. Well, learn something everyday, thanks.

    LCDR Dan