LVN thinking about the Army

  1. Hey!! I am an LVN currently working with an agency... not really liking it lol. Anyway, for as long as I remember I have wanted to join the military. I come from a big AF family so I always though that was what I wanted to do. Of course life happens... so anyway I am at this point where I am trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life... again

    After looking into it, I realized being an LVN is nothing to the military, with the exception of the Army. So.... anyone have any thoughts? Experience? Advice??

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  3. by   plaza
    how about utilizing your time in the Army to advance to a BSN either during your service, or after?
  4. by   lovepink
    yes, I definitely want to do that... I'm just wondering if anyone here has done that and is it difficult to get into a program once you join.... I am really excited,I know that this is what I want to do, just trying to iron out some stuff before I go see a recruiter!!! And do I need to see a healthcare recruiter, or since I will just be enlisted, do I need to see a regular recruiter??

    ohhhh all theses questions!!!!