Looking for active duty navy nurse....

  1. I am thinking about re enlisting in the military now that I am an RN and was looking to speak to a nurse on active duty to answer some questions.

    1. I already know they look at everything from your BSN stand poont , so my 2 years as an ADN will not count. But will they give me credit for my TNCC, CCRN and 2+ years in the ICU or will they make me spend time in a med surg floor before I can get back to critical care.

    2. What's a day in the life look like? I'm prior service enlisted (army) so I know the military stuff, but what's the medical look like? Will I be in a hospital vs a clinical when I'm not at sea? Do I still get to do other military stuff like rifle range and field (water) training or am I stuck in the hospital?

    3. What's some of the military nursing training like in army there is field training, mass casualty, etc.
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  3. by   vinstafa
    You'd commission as O-1E, depending on your enlisted time.

    1. Your experience would count towards creditentialing as a 1960K, critical care experience with CCRN, but you wouldn't get additional rank since that time was spend as an ADN prepared RN. I think the AF counts it towards rank. If selected, they should send you to an ICU, but it's not 100%.

    2. There's little difference between everyday life as a civi RN and JO RN. You are responsible for collaterals, but as an O-1 and O-2, you would be working as a RN and doing little as far as military is concern. There might be some TDY opportunities, but you're being brought in to fill a staffing need. There's a big misconception about Navy nursing and being at sea, so it's unlikely you would see a ship for the first few years; maybe the Comfort or Mercy only. Carriers and FSTs are for LTs.