Length of Service

  1. I have spoken with a few recruiter in the army and AF and I've basically heard two things:
    Active duty is 4 years active, then 4 years inactive
    Reserves is 6 years, then 2 years inactive reserves

    I was wondering, as a nurse, if you can sign 2-4 year contracts or is it purely 8 years in various obligations? Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   Cherish
    It's 8 yrs for everyone. Reason being say you do 5 yrs you must do 3 inactive. You spend it in the IRR or IMA if you choose that option. Or you can request to go Ready Reserve for those inactive periods. I served 3 yrs active (as enlisted) and had 5 yrs inactive. I was called up involuntarily from the IRR to deploy for 18 mths. I am out officially Jan 2008. But I can choose to go back on active (reserve) if I felt like deploying since they need people.

    As an officer you are in the IRR indefinately UNLESS you give up your commission which is pretty much impossible at this point because of the war situation. Some do not realize that unless they give up their commission they can be called up WHENEVER the military service needs them. I have seen this happen PERSONALLY. Hope that helps.
  4. by   wtbcrna
    I agree with Cherish all contracts for the military are in one way or another 8 years long. The part that differs is the Active part vs. Inactive. Now I don't agree with not being able to give up your commission after your 8yrs. Once you have served your time you can resign your commission unless their is an official stop-loss going on in your service. The Army might have one going on right now, but the Air Force doesn't.
  5. by   michmurse
    Both of you, thanks for the clarification. The 8 year or longer commitment is probably the reason I would not join the military reserves. It would be hard for me to sign into something for so long w/o truly experiencing it. On the other hand I haven't seemed to get the idea off my mind. I believe whole-heartedly in the cause, and I feel it has the potential to be one the most rewarding nursing positions in the world. Fortunately, there is no deadline on making a decision. Thanks again for the information.