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  1. Ok as some may know my wife is applying for the fy2013 board (ad army). She is done with everything, and getting ready to submit for the november 5th ANC board. When the recruiter sprung this on her. The recruiter wants to submit her packet to the generic AMEDD board which convenes in september. The recruiter said if she doesnt get picked up in that board than she would submit her for the ANC on Nov 5th, this seems sketchy because though i dont know the time period i do know that after not being picked in a board you cannot immediately reapply, and that there is a wait period. Also, after reading quite a few posts on here about people speaking with their receuiters and confirming the number of active slots the army will take to be 10, we brought this up to her recruiter, she said there is no way to confirm the amount of slots they are taking and that HRC only shows the date the board takes place. I feel like this recruiter is green and messes up quite a bit. Really worried that my wife will be set up for failure here. I welcome anyone that can expound on these topics i just spoke of. Thanks for reading my jumbled thread typed on my phone. I am sure it looks busted
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