I want to serve my country- Q's about the Reserves

  1. hello!

    I have a full-time job as an engineer, which is great pay, but very boring.
    I am married, female, almost 42 years old. I am almost an empty-nester, my youngest son is almost 17. With all of this, I am seriously considering doing something different with my life.

    I have always wanted to be in the military, and I've also been interested in a medical career.

    I have been taking pre-requisites to enter an ADN program, but I am also considering the Physicians Assistant program as well.

    Last week I talked with an AMMED recruiter. He gave me the impression that if I joined the Army Reserves, as an ADN I would primarily be helping with physicals, and the Soldier Readiness Program, etc..

    The AMMED recruiter told me that the Officers course is 2-weeks long. However, I have also read that it might be extended to 10 weeks? Does anyone know for sure? I would prefer to take the 10-week course, and get weapons qualified and all that.

    Is this a feasable plan:--> Get my ADN over the next 2 years, work part-time somewhere as a nurse to see if I like it. Will probably keep the engineering job for now, but cut back on the hours. Join the Army Reserve and at that point decide whether to go for BSN or PA.

    I really can't go Active duty, because I am married, but will the Reserves provide some decent opportunities as well? (something more than helping with physicals..)
    Are the Airborne, and Forward Surgical Teams primarily Active Duty??

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  3. by   CAPRN77
    I have just re-entered the Army Reserves and officer basic is currently 25 days for reservists and its at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.
    As far as the physicals, thats probably just what your unit does for "drill." However, as a reservist, there is a very good chance that you could get activated and/or deployed. If this happens, then you will have opportunities other than doing physicals. If you are interested in "soldier stuff", you may get this as well even without getting activated. Even though I was just commissioned a few weeks ago, I am prior enlisted (I was an LPN) so I do have experience in the reserves. At that time, I belonged to a field hospital and for drill we would go to the ED of a nearby hospital. However, this was not the case every week. Some weekends we would go to the range and fire weapons all day for example. For annual training (AT), you will surely do something other than physicals. AT varies greatly from year to year and from unit to unit.
    You mentioned you wanted to get your BSN and the Army Reserve may be able to help you with that. I am currently a CRNA student and I am participating in the Army STRAP (specialized training assistance program). While I'm in school, I get my drill pay each month which is $543 (My pay based on my rank and 8 years of prior service) and I also get a stipend of $1906 each month. While I'm in school my only obligation is to fax something to the Army that verifies that I'm still in school. I will owe 2 years in the reserves for each year I receive the stipend. I will also get $50,000 for loan repayment. Now, I'm not sure, but I think this program is available for ADN nurses going back to get their BSN. You could either ask the AMEDD recruiter or check the Army recruiting website.
    I would recommend asking your recruiter if he can put you in contact with some nurses from the unit that you would be in and you can ask them about their experiences. They will best be able to tell what its like to be a nurse in that unit.
  4. by   armyicurn
    I second what CAPRN77 said.