I already know the good, now for the bad and the ugly...

  1. Everytime I research navy nursing, I get the sugarcoated version of it. And it all seems great, and I'm truely considering going in after graduating. What I want to know is if there are any harsh realities in navy nursing. Has anyone had any bad experiences? What should I be prepared for before I go? How are deployments? Hospitals?

    I really just want to squeeze out any info I can about anything that they don't want to tell you on the website, if there is anything. Yes I know, it's vague, but I really just want to know everything I can before I make a decision

    [EDIT] Wow, I didn't realize how bad my grammar was and how much info I left out. Sorry guys, I was half asleep when I first posted this.[/EDIT]
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  3. by   Gennaver
    Do you mean in regards to deployments or just military life in general? Are you seeking hospital policy, patient ratios, staff cooperation, billing information, patient care needs or working for the government? Your question is so vague, maybe narrowing it down would help.

    I am not *yet* military but, hopeful.

    What I have come across is a March 2005 article about women injured during deployment and how most of those were nurses but, it definately seems to have a spin and lacks something.


    Is it that you are looking to find out how much people do not like working as an Army nurse in an Army hospital? If that is the case I have only ever heard or read from ONE person and that was someone on the forums here who insisted in being vague and anonymous, hence I doubt their credibility very much.

    So far everyone I have met in real life says they really liked their military nursing career. Hopefully I get to find out for myself.

    Good luck!
  4. by   navynurse06
    I am a navy nurse, and nursing in the navy is what you make out of it. Just like any form of nursing. Everyone will have the chance of being deployed, and your chances go up if you work in certain areas (or,er, icu). But you can be deployed no matter what area you work in. Deployments last from 5 months to 1 yr. We have the two hospital ships that go out on missions. The Mercy just came back from a 5 month mission. Then I work with people that have been sent to Africa, Kwuiat, and Iraq. Everyone that I have spoke with about them have had good experiences. They worked in hospitals or clinics.
    Also, I've only worked at 1 navy hosptial so I can only give info on that one. But I work at Naval Medical Center San Diego, and I like it. It does seem though that the civilian nurses get by with more than what we do. (ex. coming in late lot ).
    I don't know how to answer your question about being prepared before deployments. You'll have to get a will in place, along with other admin stuff. Also you have to have your 9mm qual before going. The navy isn't just going to send you to a war zone unprepared!
    I hope this helps!