How to improve Navy's hospitality

  1. I decided to start this thread because as a future Navy nurse, I want to know how I can improve a patient's well-being besides using medicine. I think this threat will be beneficial in that we can all learn from each other and try to be active in our patients' recovery. I'd like to hear everyone's ideas, no matter how silly they are! I have my own ideas... let's hear yours! Hooah!
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    I'm actually going to reply to this because I want some opinions... my first idea to help out with wounded soldiers is to start my own relief fund (I already chose the name too!). I would like my relief fund to be able to pay up to half of a soldier's medical bills. The "financial aid" goes to anyone in any rank, no discrimination. I'm thinking of ways to raise money for my relief fund, but of course how to get it off the ground. What do you think?