how strict are they?

  1. Hey all, im a prenursing student. I come from a military family, so to honor my family is think I would like to try to join the military. And the military is just plain cool.

    In highschool I hurt my back doing weightlifting. I was a junior if i recall. hurt bad at first, but then got better. The only thing is; i was trying to get into West Point at the time, and I took my medical exam right after that happened. So i told them the truth, and i was dQ'ed for a "weak of painful back."

    I have since recovered and continue to lift weights and play other sports. My question is,

    do you think they will overlook this incident when i try to join in a couple years (2-4 years)? will i need to get a waiver for it or what?
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  3. by   MajorDomo
    I think that if you pass the MEPS physical you should be alright. To double check call either your schools ROTC program or the town's military health care recruiter for information, depending on which route you are thinking of taking to get in.
    Each service has different physical requirements for their people.
    Hope this helps,
  4. by   mistyz23
    Get ready to duck walk and all that fun stuff they have you do at MEPS. I think you would be fine and eligible for a waiver. We have waivers for waivers, you know.