How LPN/LVN join the Air Force

  1. Hi
    I just got my LVN license 2 months ago and am really interested in joining in the military, especially Air Force Reserve. I heard that AF has good benefits and education.
    I also have an associate degree. Would it count toward my rank?
    Have any of you had joined in AF as an LPN? What is your rank?
    What can I do as an LPN in the Air Force Reserve? Can they continue train me to RN or higher?
    Please tell me your experience there and what I should ask the recruiter specifically related to my job.
    if you already take time to reply me, please don't just say that "go talk to a recruiter". I have talked to them and known that most recruiters would do anything to let you sign the contract.

    Appreciate any reply.
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  3. by   midinphx
    AF doesn't really use that LVN right now. We have 4N's which are medical tech's. They don't have licenses, work under a nurse. They don't have the same job role that an LVN does in the civilian world. Army does have LVN's. I would suggest you keep on trucking for the BSN then come in. As an LVN, you go to the local enlisted recruiter.
  4. by   nick7331
    I second the response of midinphx. LVN is an in between that isn't utilized much in the military. Better off to keep working towards BSN. All branches only take RN's with a BSN from what I've seen.