how is your job as a navy nurse determined?

  1. i have 1.5 yrs as an icu nurse and 1 yr as an or nurse. how does the navy determine what job i will do? also has anyone been stationed at NAS Jax? and do they have an icu? its one of the three places i put in for. pensecola and portsmouth being the other 2.
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  3. by   navynurse06
    The navy takes into consideration your prior nursing experience, and then look at what spots they need to fill in the hospital at that time. Now this expereince must me RN experience. I had prior experience in the ICU as a nurse tech, but the navy doesn't count that. So I had to go to a peds floor before I could go to a critical care area like ER, ICU.
    But that may vary from hospital to hospital.
    I don't know in NAS Jax has an ICU, but I do know that Portsmouth does! Portsmouth is one of the big 3 so it has everything.
    Good Luck!
    ENS PM
  4. by   dragonheart
    I recently retired from the Navy after 20 years, CDR(Ret) NC
    I would say that the goal of Navy Nursing is to :
    support and enhance your skills as a nurse
    the start point was covered by ENS PM (the nursing directorate at the
    hospital you are assigned to will look at your experience as a RN and match those skills with the area of need)
    develop your leadership and management skills
    you lead as team that will for the most part be deployed to serve as corpsmen "doc" with the Marine Corps, hospital ships, fleet....
    the critical nature of patient care and patient safety are what you bring with you as evidenced by your license , in good standing
    it is important that you teach/re-enforce nursing skills and informed decision -making
    you will hear and find that those experiences with you ... have helped to save lives
    you may work with those you grow clincially with in later clinical situations and find that the team is invaluable when independent decision making is imperative i.e. aboard the hospital ships or in triservice efforts to provide optimal patient care in challenging situations
    of course, if you assume command you will look back over back over the years and request to once again with the best and brightest with whom you have developed/fostered professional and clinical best practices
    you can go the hospital websites .
    you might serve for four years and re-enter the civilian setting, definitely with an increased marketability because of the depth and breath of skillsets acquired as a Navy Nurse...
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