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  1. Will the military help me pay for a Master's degree through an online program? (ie UOP?) I have been talking to an Admissions Coordinator at UOP and am very interested in their MSN program, but it's a bit is all education (including the "school of hard knocks."). Any advice you can give would be most appreciated.
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  3. by   DelGR
    I'm still trying to get the okay to start my Master's program from UOP with the VA helping to pay for it. They (VA) put it all on hold this past May until they get the funds okayed by Congress. The employee education dept. is suppose to submit our applications by July 1st. I spoke with someone from there friday and was told that they can't submit until they get the Okay from Congress. Meanwhile, I was suppose to start this July, now it's postponed until Sept. I had to get all my paper work in Last October; then it was by Dec. 31, etc.
    They'll probably prolong this until I can't finish by Dec. 2005. If I don't finish by Dec. 2005, I have to repay the WHOLE amount back to the government, which ends up being about $18,000.