First Two Years of AFROTC

  1. Hello Everyone, I have a question about the first two years of Air Force ROTC....While doing my two years of prerequisites before nursing school I didn't think I had enough time for ROTC (working full time, school full time, etc) and was thinking that I may enlist anyways so I didn't take advantage of it. Now that I'm in nursing school (and didn't enlist) and know that direct commissions can be very difficult to achieve (especially as a new grad), I'm kicking myself for not doing ROTC from the start. I guess there was a possibility it wouldn't have worked anyways since my nursing school made us take our first semester in the summer when ROTC would have had field training, but it still bothers me that I didn't try it.

    I know that the first two years of AFROTC don't obligate you to anything and you won't have any scholarships from them or anything, so I was wondering - does anyone know if it would be ok for me to take the first year of AFROTC starting next fall during my senior year in nursing school? Or would they look down on that, knowing that I wouldn't be able to finish it? Would it mess up anything related to getting a direct commission? I'm really anxious to get some military experiences and I think it would really help me develop better leadership skills while I'm still in school...any advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   dcdd45
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]firstly, you can definitely get scholarships through afrotc your first two years, if on scholarship you aren't obligated until the first day your sophomore year. if on scholarship/contract (all junior and senior cadets are on contract) and you don't complete the program instead of entering as an officer you serve your four years enlisted. keep in mind that the usaf will not put money into a student who has no intention of commissioning (ie a senior enrolling in a first year class with no intention to attend field training). only people who have at least 4 years of school left can become as100 cadets. from my understanding you need to have at least 2 academic years remaining to be eligible. but [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]there are also super special 1 year programs, though i'm not entirely sure on how they work, that they might have depending on what the air force needs (normally most engineering fields, legal, and nursing). from my understanding cadets who go this route enroll in as300 and as400 (junior and senior level afrotc classes at the same time and do the extended (6 week instead of 4 week) field training. you would never be allowed to be in the first year classes at this point but there is hope yet if you wan't to be an officer. you should check with your school's detachment.

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]you probably aren't even interested in this info anymore but should another click on the thread as i did it'd be nice for an answer to be posted